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The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) is a government scheme that aims to help social housing providers improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock. The UK Government has proposed to invest £3.8bn to SHDF to improve housing, including social homes that are privately rented.

Around £179m of funding has already been awarded under Wave 1 to improve the energy performance of some 20,000 social homes. Wave 2 is now well underway and expected to release around £800m over the next three years to help social housing providers tackle fuel poverty, improve energy efficiency, lower energy costs and contribute to the overall aim to reduce carbon emissions. There are no income eligibility criteria so any social home can benefit.

How it works

Private registered providers must partner with a local authority in England to apply to the scheme because SHDF is administered through a collaborative working approach. The properties that benefit from the improvements do not need to be all under that local authority’s remit and can also belong to other social housing providers.Private registered providers will then work as part of a consortium with the local authority and other stakeholders. Before any work can be carried out, they are required to apply the ‘fabric first principle’, which checks what carbon-reducing measures would be suitable for a property.

Once a fabric first principle has been met, social housing providers can choose any energy improvement measure so long as it meets government guidelines. This excludes fossil fuel-powered sources of energy, but social housing stock can benefit from any of the following:

Eco Target has been working with social housing providers to help them build consortiums with local authorities, so they can make applications to the fund. Anyone who applies will need to demonstrate the capacity to form a suitable team of contractors to carry out the work as well as to obtain the necessary materials. Other expectations that need to be satisfied in order for an application to be successful include:

  • Recruiting a Retrofit Coordinator
  • Measuring the needs of the property
  • Measuring performance
  • Having a suitable stock of housing with permission from its occupants
  • Meeting quality assurance levels, to avoid problems such as dampness or overheating
  • Ability to deliver a project by the deadline

SHDF offer social housing providers significant opportunity to stop residents from sinking into fuel poverty, while also helping them to keep their homes warm and supplied with hot water. Most importantly, participating in the scheme helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote cleaner, healthier environments for local communities.

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