Heating Controls

Heating Controls

Could you be eligible for one of our free heating controls upgrade grants?

If you or someone in your home receives an income-related benefit, have a boiler and radiator system, and do not live in social housing, then you might qualify for heating controls. This offer is available for privately rented or owned homes all across Great Britain, including park homes.

By taking advantage of this offer, you will receive a free digital timer, which ensures your heating system only turns on when you need it to. You will also receive a free room thermostat that shuts down your heating system when the temperature is correct. Plus, we’ll provide free thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) to help you regulate the temperature of each room.

Even if you already have some of these controls, we can upgrade your existing ones free of charge. Additionally, if necessary, we may be able to upgrade your boiler free of charge as well.

Please note that all grants are subject to survey, limited funding, and terms and conditions. In some cases, the grants may not cover the entire cost, and a contribution may be required. However, this will be confirmed after the free survey.

Heating Controls

Do you receive one of the following?

Check your Eligibility

Am I eligible for a grant for free energy?

If you receive Tax Credit or Universal Credit, your eligibility for a grant is determined by a maximum income threshold based on the number of adults and children in your household. Please reach out to us for more information or refer to the tables provided below.

To expedite your application, the individual receiving the benefits can complete our online eligibility check found here if you believe you qualify.

In addition, if your home requires loft and cavity insulation, we may be able to offer this service for free or at a reduced rate, subject to survey, limited funding, and terms and conditions. Please note that in some cases, the grant for boiler repair or replacement may not fully cover the cost, and a contribution may be necessary.

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Benefits of Smart Heating Controls and Insulation in Your Home

Discover the benefits of heating controls and insulation in your home. A smart heating system can learn your household’s patterns and adjust the temperature accordingly based on when the home is occupied or when it is about to be occupied.

In addition to this, you can also turn your heating on and off remotely using your smartphone. But the advantages don’t stop there. As smart home technology continues to advance, your smart heating control can assist you in staying warm, saving money, and simplifying your life in increasingly innovative ways:

  • Manage your smart schedules from anywhere
  • Use other smart devices to activate your heating
  • Train your smart heating to recognize your routine
  • Set your heating to respond to weather changes
  • Install smart thermostatic radiator valves for zone control heating in specific rooms
  • Control your appliances from anywhere

Contact an Eco Green Grants expert today, and we can assist you in obtaining the necessary grant to complete the home improvements you need.

Check Your Eligibility

Find out if you are eligible for 100% FREE energy efficiency upgrades

Thank you for your enquiry with regard to the Eco4/ LA Flex Grant scheme.

We’re delighted you’ve got in touch, and you’re now one step closer to making your home more energy efficient.As you can appreciate, this government backed scheme is extremely popular, especially as the weather gets colder along with rising energy prices.

Please rest assured, we will get back to you just as soon as we possibly can and get you booked in for a free survey.So that you can enjoy your energy efficiency saving measures as quickly as possible.
All this can happen within 3-4 weeks of filling in our enquiry form.

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