Double Glazing

Double Glazing Energy Efficient Windows and Doors
Double up on your glazing

The benefits of installing double-glazed windows for your home are manifold and well worth the investment. Properly and professionally fitted double-glazing reduces noise pollution in your home and increases protection against intruders. When it comes to saving energy saving and how much you spend on your bills, double-glazing provides an added barrier of insulation and helps keep the heat locked in. The improvement of windows and doors will be achieved by:
  • Draught proofing
  • Replacing single glazing with double or triple glazing
  • Replacement of non-compliant doors with energy-efficient doors
Double glazing helps to capture natural heat from winter sunshine, storing it to help keep your home warmer and cosier during the colder months. Likewise, during the summer months, the windows trap some of the sun’s rays, which helps to keep your room cooler, meaning much less need for air-conditioning.

You will noticeably reduce your bills since less energy is used to either heat up or cool down a room after having the double glazing installed. You can increase the benefits even further by adding another layer of glazing – known as triple glazing. This means you have a greater level of insulation and cost savings.

Installing double glazing to your property can help you to save on average up to £110 on your energy bills per year with a best-scenario cost saving of around £300 per window. 

At Eco Target, we have the team and expertise to help you to assess and install your new double or triple-glazing. You may be able also entitled to funding, which means making the energy-saving improvements to your property could cost you much less than you think. With the benefit of what you save in terms of bills, gain in terms of comfort and contribute in terms of helping to reduce carbon emissions to the environment, it is worthwhile making your enquiry today.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is internal wall insulation?

    Internal wall insulation is a method of insulating the walls of a building by applying insulation materials internally. This can include materials such as rigid insulation boards, which are applied to the existing walls, or by building a studded wall and then inserting insulation directly.

  • How does internal wall insulation work?

    Internal wall insulation works by reducing the amount of heat that escapes through the walls of a building. This helps to keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter, and can result in significant energy savings.

  • What are the benefits of internal wall insulation?

    The benefits of internal wall insulation include reducing heat loss, increasing energy efficiency, and creating a more comfortable living environment. Additionally, internal wall insulation can save up to £445 in energy bills each year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Can internal wall insulation be applied to any property?

    Yes, internal wall insulation can be applied to any property, including older or listed buildings where external insulation may not be possible.

  • How is internal wall insulation installed?

    Internal wall insulation is installed by fixing insulation material to the walls, followed by a layer of plasterboard. Once completed, the walls can be decorated to match the rest of the room.

  • Does Eco Target follow current government standards for internal wall insulation?

    Yes, Eco Target follows current government standards for internal wall insulation, which are guided by PAS2030. This means that any energy-saving adaptations we make will consider the whole of the property, including any issues with dampness that might arise.

  • How can I get internal wall insulation installed by Eco Target?

    To get internal wall insulation installed by Eco Target, please contact us to schedule an assessment and learn more about how we can help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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