Draught Proofing

The simplest route to an energy-efficient home

A common route of escape for the heat in your home is the gaps around inadequately draught-proofed doors and windows. Tell-tale signs are noise pollution and curtains or blinds that move almost unnoticeably due to a soft breeze even when doors and windows are shut. Sometimes you will feel the cold air coming through when standing close to a door or window or hear the wind whistling through gaps when the wind is high outdoors. Draught problems can also occur in parts of a house other than around windows and doors, such as through an open chimney, loft hatches or uncovered floorboards.

Draughtiness is often a issue in older houses built before energy-efficient measures were introduced. Over time, they cost bill-payers hundreds of pounds a year and contribute to the issue of CO2 emissions that damage the environment. The implication of having your home draught-proofed means you’ll use less energy, save money and help the UK meet its goal for zero carbon emission.

The most simple and cheapest form of draught-proofing is to fit foam or metal brush strips around doors and windows. It is pretty easy to do this yourself if you are comfortable with DIY. Other measures will require professional help, such as draught-proofing your chimney or replacing old and inadequate single-glazed doors and windows entirely.

A key thing to keep in mind is that blocking up every gap where air is coming in is not a good idea. A building needs a combination of airtightness and air entry points for proper air circulation. This ventilation system is important for preventing problems with dampness, mould, and rot, which can in turn cause more serious problems for you and your household. It is significant therefore to ensure you have the right solution and help for solving any draught issues in your home.

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The first sign of poor ventilation is condensation build-up. Over time, this will turn to mould due to moisture with no way of escape, which is harmful to your health.

If you are concerned about inadequate draught-proofing in your home, speak to our team at Eco Target. We can both assess the needs of your property and carry out the installation work to the UK standards required to prevent longer-term issues. The overall benefit is lower energy bills and a healthier planet.

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