Renewable Energy

Solar and renewable energy is an incredibly low carbon solution for powering your home. Having the right system installed means that you can generate your own heat and hot water, whilst contributing to a much healthier planet.

There are Government initiatives available to help UK homeowners reduce their energy bills. These can help generate a second income by using solar or renewable energy as one of your main sources of heat. 

renewable energy

Solar PV

Choose renewable energy and help make our planet greener

Solar and renewable energy options have become increasingly attractive ways to provide hot water and heating for domestic use due to their sustainable features. They are clean, green, renewable sources of heat that never run out, although the amount of energy available at any one time will vary.

Popular sources of renewable energy include sunlight, wind and water. You may have seen these in operation in the form of wind farms or roof panels. The advantage of renewables is that they do not cause harm to the environment with greenhouse gases so are ideal as a solution to reducing pollution. Once installed, they cost little to operate or maintain and the energy they generate is essentially free.

The most popular source of renewable energy for domestic use is Solar Photovoltaic – Solar PV for short. They work by converting sunlight to heat and the modern generation of panels work even better than they did in the past to produce electricity whether there is direct sunlight or not. Technology, particularly in the area of quantum physics, is continuing to improve solar panel efficiency.

In the past, the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Feed-in Tariff schemes were launched to incentivise homeowners to help the government achieve its targets to reduce carbon emissions by using renewable energy. Both these schemes are now closed to new applicants, but ownership can be transferred if you buy or move to a property that is licensed, so it’s worth being aware of it. It means that you can earn payments on the extra energy generated through your solar panels.

Solar PV offers one of the best options for green energy for your home and will significantly help to reduce the cost of keeping it heated and supplied with hot water. Even if you still need to purchase energy from other energy service providers because your panels don’t generate all the electricity you need throughout the year, you still benefit from free electricity and lower bills. After all, you’re spending less. Once installed, the panels are low maintenance and can last for 20 to 25 years and more.

Over the years, Eco Target has helped hundreds of householders apply for grants under the various ECO schemes and can help you to do the same under the current ECO4 scheme. We have a team of dedicated advisors and installers ready to help you on the road to greener, cleaner renewable energy.

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