Electric Storage Heaters

Heating your home using electricity is a good way to reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the air. It’s a much cleaner and greener type of energy – unlike gas, the second-largest contributor to the problem of CO2 emissions after oil-based heating.

The problem, however, is that electricity is more expensive than gas, so not always a good option when it comes to saving on energy bills. Thankfully, innovation is making available an increasing range of alternative, cost-effective electric heating options that help householders meet both objectives.

The new generation of electric heaters works by storing and releasing heat at times of the day that is most cost-effective. They work by using electricity when the tariff is cheaper, storing that heat and then distributing it around the home when tariffs are higher.

Electric storage heaters come in a range of styles and look just like radiators. They can be wall-mounted or freestanding. They are easily controlled with built-in thermostats and are noise-free. The main thing is that they offer an economical way to heat your home than most other electric heaters. Many of these are also available under the government’s energy-saving schemeECO4. Applying to the scheme for a grant could mean replacing your heating system for free or next to nothing.

Are you eligible for a free modern storage heater in your home?

If you are a homeowner or private tenant, and your property is heated with electric heaters while receiving the appropriate combination of income-related benefits, you are likely to qualify for one of the best storage heaters available for free. This includes the modern ESH with Smart Heating Control functionality.

How Smart Electric Storage Heaters (ESH) Works

Because electric storage heaters work by drawing electricity when it is cheapest, and then storing the heat for use when costs are higher, they are best suited to those who are on a tariff with off-peak periods, like economy seven. Under these kinds of tariffs, electricity is generally cheaper to use at night.

Many old models of electric heaters burn a lot more electricity. While they don’t cause as much harm to the environment as gas heating, they can leave households with large bills, especially if that’s your main heating source. As well as reducing energy costs, a new electric storage heater could also take up less space while heating your home much more effectively and efficiently.

If you are a householder on a low income, in receipt of certain benefits, or you have someone in your home who is considered vulnerable, then you will qualify for a free grant. 

Many people who are eligible for a replacement or new electric storage heater with funding via the government’s ECO4 scheme could be missing out because they are unaware of their entitlement. At Eco Target, we can help by supporting you through the application process. Not only is our dedicated team on hand to help answer your questions, but our installers will also ensure that your new heaters are professionally and safely fitted. All you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy a nice warm home and lower energy bills.

Ecombi HHR – High Heat Retention Storage Heaters

Electric Storage Heaters

The Elnur Ecombi High Heat Retention (HHR) Storage Heaters are now available through Eco Target (with government’s energy-saving scheme, ECO4). These heaters are the perfect solution for your heating needs, equipped with an Integral Energy Manager (IEM) that adjusts charging to suit daily weather and demand, while also managing discharge to ensure heat is readily available when needed.

Thanks to the fan-assisted heat distribution and built-in temperature sensor, sensitive to 0.1°C, the HHR heats up quickly and efficiently. You can save energy costs by using off-peak electricity and rely on the heater’s safety and sustainability.

Upgrade to the Ecombi HHR today for a comfortable and efficient heating experience, available for free under the government’s ECO4 energy-saving scheme through Eco Target.

Quantum HHR Storage Heater

The Quantum HHR Storage Heater is available for free through Eco Target under the government’s energy-saving scheme, ECO4. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade to the most advanced and economical off-peak electric heater on the market.

With its energy-saving features, stylish design, and easy-to-use controls, the Quantum HHR Storage Heater is the perfect solution for your heating needs. Upgrade today and start saving energy and money, all while enjoying a comfortable and efficient heating experience.

Electric Storage Heaters

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